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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bolt to Philly...

Now, free wi-fi on a bus. That's something I can get excited about. Heading to Philadelphia right now on the Bolt Bus to record a few guitar tracks on a new song Lacy is recording for her new album. First time going to Philly ever and unfortunately, I have to turn right around and come back to NYC for work tonight right after the session is over. But it's still going to be a fun little adventure. Mostly the making it back to work on time part. In all honesty though, I feel like I've gotten the hardest part of the day out of the way: waking up at 6am and making it to 34th and 8th in time for the bus. At which I succeeded, in fact, even had time to grab a tea at Starbucks. Don't know how I would be doing right now sans caffeine.

Tonight, I may blog again to let you know how the session goes. It promises to be a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. Though Lacy and I did spend some time on ideas yesterday when she came to Brooklyn. The song, name of which I shall keep private, is in need of something to make it sound more urgent and have more momentum. That's where I come in. And here comes another challenge in blending my music with another musician's. The studio musicians have already laid down guitar tracks of their own. But you know me. I love a challenge.

Now, what to do with the rest of the bus ride? I actually have some editing on the site I want to do. I was showing another composer my site yesterday when I met with him at his studio in Korea-town (East 30s), and it immediately occurred to him that the players on my site have no volume control. The reason is that the divshare site's embedded player has so much crap on it that you don't need (a shuffle button for starters) that I trimmed them down in the code. Luckily, I just needed to adjust the number for width a tiny bit to allow room for the volume control. Now, I just have to fix that on every player on my site! Shouldn't take too long though. And as long as this driver continues to drive relatively smoothly, I should be motion sickness free.

And now, to work!

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