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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Museum Mile and my bucket list...

A few weeks go by and things just get away from you. I haven't blogged in a bit. I realized it's been even longer than a bit since I last posted on the new site...and wouldn't you know it, when I was on last night trying to tweak the sidebar and make it look better, I realized that I had been completely overlooking the comments that people have posted on the blog entries. There were 30 of them waiting for me to approve them! All good stuff too besides. That means I'm actually getting traffic to the new site! So, now I'm frantically trying to get back on the ball with posting on that site. Right now, I'm thinking of blogging about my using Logic again now that I have it and perhaps Battery 3, which I've been using to record drum lines.

Anyway, that's for the other blog. I wanted to mention that I actually finally got to see the Guggenheim Museum today. Granted, it was only for about half an hour since the rainy picnic I had with a friend in Bryant Park ended up taking up most of the early evening...yeah, we were dawdling. But that's okay. I didn't really have much interest in seeing the other museums taking part in the festival and, just being realistic with the the time frame, I wasn't sure it was really possible. I've already seen the MET a handful of times and while it's by no means fully explored, it is something that I can always go back to...it's always pay as you wish.

As for the Guggenheim, it's a little hard to really take in a museum when it's over run with people trying to do the same things as you: take advantage of free entry to several of New York's most popular museums. Try reading the descriptions and artist bios on the walls and really absorbing each art work with people walking in front of you and crowding behind you. I still had fun though and it was cool to actually get inside the place. It's such a cool building and I can definitely see myself coming back to explore all the secrets of the place...maybe when they open the ramps back up after the next exhibit is installed fully, I'll go back.

After we were corralled out of the museum by several hard nosed security guards, along with the gaggle of tourists accompanying us, we took off down 5th Avenue and eventually crossed Central Park to get to the West Side where my friend lives and where I was going to catch the B train at 72nd Street. Smack dab in the middle of the park at about the level of 72nd Street, is the Bethesda Terrace, a feature of the park I had not seen before. "Dammit New York, why were you hiding this place from me!?" I exclaimed as we turned the corner at the bottom of one staircase to see the arched tunnel that goes under the road, with it's tiled ceiling all lit up at night. I wish I could have seen some of the carvings in the stonework a little better but alas, it was quite dark. And damn my phone for saying my SD card was full when I knew full well it wasn't. I'm going to go back in the daylight sometime anyway because it's just gorgeous. And at that point, I promise multiple photos...and with the Canon for god's sake! Yes, I'm going to try and get back in touch with my more touristy side again. Because this city constantly surprises me and I have this inexplicable impulse to document everything.

So, that's one more thing ticked off the NYC bucket list and one more added to it. In fact, I'm probably going to do both the Guggenheim and Bethesda terrace again soon. Maybe as a means of forcing myself to go up to Central Park more often this summer. Perhaps I'll even add one of the Summer Stage concerts to that list. Already on the bucket list though is Hayden Planetarium, sort of also in keeping with my recent obsession with all things extra terrestrial (Gotta love History and Discovery Channel docs!). Today while I was shooting the breeze with one of the interns at Learning Ally, we got talking about our shared interest in space and Hayden Planetarium came up so we talked about going sometime.

And of course, the Statue of Liberty with one of my old co-workers is on that list...and I'm talkin' about going all the way up in the crown now that it's open again. It won't be until September though that we can go because it's pretty well booked up until then.

The more I think about it I probably shouldn't even call it a bucket list. It's not really in the spirit of finish things before I die. It's more in the spirit of get out and live now, go do these things! The city is your oyster! How about oyster list? Or just get up and do list? I'll think about it and get back to you...

A quick update on the score: Mohammad has reached out to the new oud player from craigslist and we're awaiting a response so we can get the ball rolling on that. I've re-recorded, fleshed out and remixed my first version of the electronic section of the piece and am getting closer to a melody that will tie the whole thing together. Once we get the oud player in everything should fall into place.

In addition to the score, some exciting news has popped up about Tania's concert. It's now booked for July 27th, 2011 at 9:30pm at The Metropolitan Room. Here's a link to the facebook invite for the event. My piece is going to be getting a new title because we're revamping it and doing it without the dance that it was written for. I'm really excited because it's technically a premiere and my name will be on the program as performing live electronics! More on this to come.

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