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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blurb #25

Lacy should be here any minute. We're rehearsing all afternoon and will be playing an open mic at Bar 82 in the East Village tonight somewhere between 7 and 9. Come out if you can. Meanwhile, it's pretty hot out isn't it? Well, comparatively speaking. One of my yoga instructors joked that we went straight into summer. It still feels like we had something of a spring though. I guess those mild 70 degree temperatures never last more than a few weeks either way. Anyhow, it sucks a bit because I've just gotten to where I can find time to ride the bike. Took it to yoga class the other day and, while it was fun, I found myself pretty uncomfortable by the time I got there. Good thing I was going somewhere where I expected to sweat anyway. Another thing, I thought for certain that one of those effing livery cab drivers was going to kill me. Who cuts across a bike lane and slams on the brakes to pick up a fare? I nearly had to jump off my bike and this guy thought a honk in my general direction a mere second before he pulled the maneuver was going to be enough to alert me to his presence. What can I say? It's hard being a biker in the city, even with all the bike lanes and bike paths at our disposal. I've got more news on the score but this is supposed to be a blurb. More on that later.

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