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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weird weather and the new project...

I'm pretty sure every possible form of precipitation fell from the sky yesterday. It was raining when I left then it turned to snow as I was leaving RFB&D but by the time I was down on the street it was sleeting and raining again. Later that night I saw lightning and heard thunder and sleet tapping on the windows. I was surprised we didn't get a nor'easter-tsunami-gale-force-earthquake-mudslide-sandstorm-meteor-strike in the process. Yeah, this weather is weird. I met up with an old high school friend yesterday for a quick drink before she caught her flight back to Charleston and I felt obliged to apologize for the weather.

I hope that was the last time (knock on wood) and that soon I can hang up my winter coat for good. My folks are arriving tonight and at some point during the weekend their going to help me get my window A/C out of storage (among other things) so I can get rid of the expense. Hopefully, I'll be able to put that in the window without worrying about 20 degree drafts seeping in.

Anyhow, I met with Mohammad about the film score yesterday. He liked my first takes, just a little noodling with melodies. Although the finished project is going to sound so much different, I'm sure I'll be using the basic melodies that I came up with...or at least morphing them into something even more middle eastern sounding. Seriously, I want to do this the right way so I'm listening to a ton of middle eastern music, mostly Arabic, learning as much as I can about the forms and the scales they use, as much as I can about the Ney and the Oud and various drums, especially the Darbuka.

By the end of next week, I hope to have the piece fleshed out and ready to show some performers. I think it's important to have real performers on the piece. From here at home I can use Kontakt 3, which comes with samples of the Oud and the Ney among other instruments, and then Battery 3, which has a complete set of world drums which includes several of the drums that I'd be interested in having on this recording. But this is all just to come up with something to show the real performers. Since, this style of music is often characterized by improvisation around a certain melody and scale, it will be nice to get people who actually play these instruments to hear something I've written and improvise something around it that might sound more idiomatic and authentic.

It's going to be an exciting process. More on that as I work on the ideas and it all comes to fruition. I've gotta get ready for work now!

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