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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New website...

Exciting news. The new website is fully operational and up for your viewing. www.timdaoust.com, as always. The new site features a new blog centered on audio software and composition tutorials as well as all of my contemporary music, my film reel, and it will eventually have a link to my iTunes store as soon as my release is finalized. More on that when it actually goes through and I get the html code for the store.

Right now, if you're interested, you can buy Disrupt, my three song EP at indabamusic.com. The songs are Daresay, Pastel and Windy April, all composed between 2001 and 2004.

Anyhow, I had my first VO gig ever today. Last Wednesday I received an email from the people at Edge Studio saying there was an unpaid voice-over job at Atlas Media, doing ADR for a few scenes from some Discovery Channel documentary. At first I couldn't go because the dates and times conflicted with work at NY1. But at some point during the weekend another email went out saying they were moving the date to Tuesday because they didn't get enough people for the second session. So, naturally I seized on it, Tuesday being my day off.

I went to the office of Atlas Media on W 36 St. in Manhattan and met two other voice recording artists that were there for the same job, one of whom I recognized as one of the people from Edge Studio that I had met while doing my coaching there last year. We waited only a little bit for the associate producer on the project and were taken into a conference room where he and the director were going to record us using the mic on their camera. The idea was to get the ambience of an open room vs. an audio booth for some dramatization scenes. The subject matter of this documentary, I won't say much, but it has to do with a hypothetical alien invasion. The scenes were set in a military command center both leading up to and in the wake of the alien invasion. It was a really fun read all in all, especially since I just watched Battle LA and have been somewhat obsessed lately with documentaries about space. I'm going to get an email when they know the air date and I'll be sure to pass that along to you all at that point.

Tonight, I was working with Kontakt, an advanced sample engine from Native Instruments that I will use extensively on this project. I may blog on the new site soon about some of the more advanced features of the program. At the moment, I'm trying to come up with melodies for Mohammad's film while listening incessantly to Ali Jihad Racy to get a feel for some moods that I may want to emulate. But honestly, I think I need to get some sleep because it's been a long night. Lacy is coming tomorrow and we're rehearsing again and possibly playing another open mic in Brooklyn. This one is at Abigail in Prospect Heights and it starts at 9pm if anyone is interested in coming out!

For now, good night and stay tuned for more news as this project unfolds.

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