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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Productivity and functionality...

I have the Macbook Pro now. I'm slowly getting to know it and installing all of the software I use, synths, notation software, samplers and most exciting, Logic Pro, my DAW. It's giving me the most problems so far. Logic is one of those programs where you have to connect a USB dongle (love the word dongle) each time you use the program. I'm not sure whether or not this is the problem but the first time I installed it, it would close and spit out an error report every time I tried to open it. Fooey. But beyond that, any frustrations with software installation and whatnot have been dwarfed by the excitement of having such ease of functionality and sheer portability on my side for once. I was able to do a lot of these things while on my break at work...since someone clued me in to the free wi-fi from Google's offices that you can tap into from the far conference room at NY1. Shhh! Our little secret.

Anyhow, I've decided to stay in tonight and mess around with my new toy, in lieu of my jam session which was canceled. I need the night in at this point, too. It's been a busy week with a lot of revelry squeezed in the empty spaces. Lacy and I had a great practice on Wednesday followed by a nice French dinner and a bottle of wine at the location of one of the open mic nights we've been researching. The lounge area where they hold the open mic at Belleville Bistro on 5th Avenue was regrettably closed for renovation. Tomorrow, we plan on rehearsing some more and then going to the open mic night at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg. This one we may actually perform, depending on how practice goes.

Meanwhile, I'm on my third attempt to get my Audio Kontrol interface to work with the Macbook Pro. Reading up on Macbook troubleshooting stuff I think I'm close to trying out some solution that might work. For a second there I was worried it was a faulty USB output on the device itself because the light was blinking on and off. Then when I realized it was a regular blinking, I figured it was probably a sign of something. More on my progress later though. Isn't troubleshooting fun?

I'll tell you what is fun. The new version of Sibelius, version 6. I've been using it on the new Macbook while on my break from work, and I'm finding out just how much I love being able to use my breaks to make advances on my various projects. Plus, the new program has some new features that are making life so much easier on me. Stand by for a short blog about its functions and features. I've been starting to blog on the new site, which should be up any day now, about audio and music software, and other music related topics.

Meanwhile, because of the added productivity of the new laptop, I'm hoping to have Collapsing Elbows and the choral piece done within a few days now. Wish me luck!

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