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Friday, July 2, 2010

Many visits...

I'd just like to note that I've been getting a few comments on my blog lately that are in a character set that my browser does not have installed, i.e. some other language. If you're reading and you have something to say, I'd love to know what it is, so please, if you can, type in English...unless, of course, you're trying to sell me something or shamelessly promoting your own blog, however closely related in subject matter. Otherwise, if you're out there and you're enjoying what you read please say hi. It's always great to hear from you.

Now that that's out of the way, been having a good time these past couple of weeks, socializing with Unitarian friends and enjoying the weather and even, god forbid, getting work done. The dancer's piece is almost wrapped up. Though my computer, and all its fickle components are cooperating occasionally and enough that I sometimes get an entire take recorded before the thing goes kaput, I decided to throw down some money on a new audio interface to help me troubleshoot whether or not the interface is the issue. It should, in fact, be arriving to my place of employment sometime tomorrow. I hope. I've been experimenting with having things delivered to work instead of having to chase them down at the post office or else having them get bounced back to sender, which happened recently.

In other news, besides the bugs that have been creeping in with the humidity rising (it finally slacked off a few nights ago and is now quite cool), we have had other visitors this week. My cousin Brian and his wife Ashley touched down here for a night and half a day so we met them at the airport, fed them some Brooklyn pizza, let them attempt sleep on our couches (and floor), and subsequently woke them up early (they're on Denver time) and shuttled them around Manhattan for a whirlwind tour, it being Ashley's first time in NYC, before dropping them at Penn Station to get the Amtrak to Albany. Here are the best pics:

Brian and Ashely's Visit best

I also neglected to post pics from my parents' visit back on Memorial Day. Here they are, a bit belated:

Mom and Dad Memorial Day

At any rate, back on the topic of music, as soon as I'm done with the dancer's project I'll post an mp3 of it here and on the Facebook page, so you guys can hear what I've been working on. Meanwhile, it's time for me to start thinking about what's next. I was introduced to the idea of a site called Indaba via an article about online collaboration sites. This one is starting to, only now, seem appealing to me, mainly because they feature an online digital audio workstation where you can record your tracks and then access them anywhere to edit and mix them. You can also collaborate with other artists and submit remixes to contests that they have often. I'm more interested initially in the DAW but it might be interesting to collaborate with some of the people on there. Might be a cool way to meet local musicians as well. So, here I am berating myself for not having started on it earlier when I heard about it because now, it actually seems really cool. Not sure if I was skeptical before or just too darn busy. Either way, I'll finally have sometime Saturday night to delve into it and I'll let you all know what I find.


  1. thanks again for a great day in the city!

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