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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July, 2010...

There's nothing quite like the sleep you get after an overnight shift. No daylight creeping in the windows (or even blasting through the windows) could keep me awake when, for the last two to three hours of my work day, I've been trying to keep open eyes that want nothing but to close. And I get the most fantastic pillow markings on my face when I wake up at 3 in the afternoon! Pillow markings that tell of a face that was planted flat in the same spot for 7 straight hours, not tossing, not turning, not waking at all for any disturbance imaginable.

I'm satisfied with the dancer's piece now and I wait for her to sign off so I can get paid. We'll meet on Thursday. I'll post a snippet or the whole piece, haven't decided yet, pretty soon.

Last night was the 4th of July, a holiday I admittedly don't often get to celebrate with my ridiculous schedule. Last year was an exception as I was freelancing and didn't have much of a schedule to speak of. This year, though I had to work overnight, I did manage to get ready for work early enough to breeze in to work, drop off my stuff and make it down to Rockefeller Park on the Hudson to meet with Karishma and some people to view the fireworks. Much closer than I saw them last year, they were pretty amazing to behold. The crowd was pretty large in Rockefeller Park but to think of the acreage covered, on the West Side of Manhattan, the Jersey side and just about every rooftop from Lower Manhattan to Riverside Park, by hoards of people viewing the same display. It's pretty wild to think of. Before arriving in the park, as I was leaving work and walking to 14th Street to catch the 2,3 to Chambers Street, I could hear them starting. In fact, as I looked down 8th Avenue, I caught a glimpse of the fireworks reflected in the windows of an apartment building near Jackson Square. I'd tried to get a pic of it but it didn't come out too terribly well. Here are the best of the pics I took that night:

Best of 4th of July 2010

In addition, here's an album of photos I shot up at Greenwood Cemetery of my view. Not the same as Sunset Park's view but nonetheless, a nice one. Incidentally, a much nicer spot from which to view anyhow. Much quieter. Not a very mainstream thing to do, hanging out in a cemetery. And no one comes in there and litters or lets their kids pee out in the open. All things I witnessed in Sunset.

Greenwood Cemetery

In other random news, I've secured a graphic designer for my new logo and web design for the VO/Music business that I'm starting soon. Pretty exciting to finally have a really professional look to everything. Things'll be changing around here soon. For now, it's time to go out and bear the heat to grab my laundry, fold it and then I'm meeting someone before heading to work later this evening. So, take care and stay tuned for a clip of the latest sound from yours truly.


  1. you're first paragraph? yeah, that's pretty much my idea of heaven right now.