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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The new business but first, a well deserved break...

Though there are tantalizing events transpiring out in the world of Brooklyn this evening, it's refreshing to spend an evening inside getting organized. I've been going through my online backups and seeing what files didn't download when I had to restore everything back in March. For some reason, I'm assuming because I selected every file on my online storage (some 80 GB worth of files), Mozy.com's system couldn't handle it. Plus, I'm realizing that there were a handful of files that were saved on my hard drive between my last backup before the crash(February 26th)and the crash itself. But my pictures are almost restored and I had done this with my mp3 files a few months back. So, feeling slightly more organized, I'm going to save all of these files to my local external hard drive tonight once all the downloading is complete.

This kind of organization is good for my soul because lately, I've found myself getting a little bit stressed about putting together a voice over business. I stopped myself when I realized that I should be in no rush, in fact, I should take my time to do everything right. Half of me was so excited to start working in the industry that I wanted to make all these lofty goals of working paid gigs by the end of the year. I think it was a reminder from the folks at Edge that did it. They pointed out that I didn't have to do my sessions so close together and that I should be taking advantage of all of their workshops and online content. I am now and I'm getting a heck of a lot out of it. Reading all of their online content, plus listening to previously recorded teleclasses with various industry pros (especially tax professionals as that's been on my mind lately), reading voice over blogs and watching the schedule for workshops and classes I can take and retake as many times as I want.

I'm also currently working with an old friend on some graphic design, specifically a logo and some business cards but also the basis of the web design for the new site which I will be having another friend do when the time comes.

I may have previously mentioned that I wanted to style myself on the new website as a composer/voice recording artist or something to that effect, a one-stop shop for narration and music but also someone who can do either of those things individually. So, the biggest challenge is going to be saying all that as concisely as possible. And also, I'm thinking of a name for this company that's catchy and memorable...like Tim Daoust Audio and I'd have two components of the business: Tim Daoust Voice and Tim Daoust Music. That could be lame, I'm not entirely sure. But I'm going to run it by a few people whose opinions I trust.

The revelation that this stuff doesn't have to be done right away gives me a lot more leeway with how I put it all together and how well I do at important things like my demo and the business plan itself. I also don't necessarily have to have all of my stuff together to get a gig or two here or there. Probably could start to look for jobs and clients around the time I finish my demo in a few months (thinking September).

A lot of this stuff has to be going on simultaneously and so it can be a bit mind boggling (though I'm trying to keep my mind from getting boggled so). I'm working on the logo and my marketing plan, for example, while simultaneously keeping my chops up and planning to do some volunteer reading to get some experience and also trying to get my computer to, hmmm, I dunno, maybe WORK RIGHT FOR ONCE!!!! since I'll be doing a lot of auditions and potentially some work from home.

And also still writing music. I'm between jobs there for a while so I get to sit here and think about what I should do next. Which can also get overwhelming. I'm trying to think like this less and less but there's always a tendency to wish I were further along in my career and when I look at what I've not done, it's hard to give myself credit for what I have done. (To review, for my sake and yours: Pulled myself from a toxic relationship, dusted self off, composed prolifically for the following two years, got first paid composing gig and scored 6 student films in a short period of time, finished grad school despite discouragement and poor health, saved the money to move to NYC, did so, got several freelance jobs, one that panned out, networked with fellow filmmakers, scored a student film, and an indie film that got accepted at a film festival and got my first paid NYC gig all within my first year and a half of living here. *takes deep breath, sighs, pats self on back*).

Anyhow, I just worked a massive amount of overtime this month and so today is, essentially, my first full day off since the first of the month. And here I am, sitting here, not crazy, quite relaxed in fact, and typing this blog. And in two days, I'm going camping in the Adirondacks with a buddy of mine and some of his friends for said buddy's bachelor party. Expect pictures. I know very little about the details of this trip except that around 3 in the afternoon Friday we're leaving from the Upper West Side and driving upstate. I had to buy a tent today because my old tent from college lacks tent poles for some strange reason. How many times have I moved with that tent, I wonder, not realizing that the tent poles were not making the trip with us?

Which means it's been years since I've gone camping. So, I'm fairly excited to do so this weekend especially since it was relatively impromptu and I've never camped in NY State. I didn't even know the bachelor party was a camping trip until a few days ago but I managed to get the extra day off work (I originally had only taken Saturday off) with relative ease. After the weekend I work two days, am off two, work one and then it's my big vacation, heading to the same friend's wedding in MA and then to Boston to see friends, back to NYC for a few days and then down to Raleigh to meet my new nephew and spend time with friends and family. Long time coming and well deserved. Quite excited. Again, expect pictures.

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