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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rough sleep...

I'm writing in the morning for a change.   I've been actually debating changing my evening routine a little because, with or without the writing and snacking and drinking wine and web surfing and otherwise looking at a screen and reading, I have not really done all that much to unwind and get a decent amount of sleep lately.  Most of it is the things I have on my mind lately that have been forcing me to stay up pondering until I reach a point where I just tell myself to go the hell to sleep, usually pushing 2am by that time.

Luckily, I have things on the docket.  Yes, things.  Things to dive into.  Things to distract me.  Things that will pay money.  So not only do I have something to occupy my dizzyingly frantic mind, I also have incentive to try harder to get a decent amount of sleep.  On top of the 7 day a week cluster f*ck I'm about to dive into with day time work, I will now need to score a 20 minute short film by the end of June.  I'll forgo cliches about the degree to which it precipitates when it finally does precipitate.

This is the short that I wrote thematic material for a few months back in the fall of 2013.  They are picture locked and will probably want to go in a slightly different direction than the first material I wrote them.  That was written merely to have something to play for the actors before they did the scenes to give them a sense of where the director wanted to go with the tone of the film.

The music, I'm told, will now encompass some poppy electronic stuff in addition to some piano pieces.  Probably about 5 - 7 minutes worth of music, all told.  So it should be a decent amount of work.  But here's the thing.  I can only write during the day when I can actually make noise around my apartment so then, getting enough sleep and getting up at a decent hour will be crucial and will make sense.  The other day though, while working on "The Life," I spent the hours before sleep when I usually unwind, working on the mixes in headphones, and I found myself just as productive.  So maybe I'll try both.  Working at night and working in the morning.

For now, though, I think I'll be good during the week, get home, brush my teeth, maybe play guitar for a little bit and then do some breath work/meditation and try to just drift off.  See if I can get past these past few weeks of rough sleep and recharge before I dive into the insanity to come.  It all starts May 26th.  Really only about a week away. And I haven't even seen the film yet.  Wish me luck!

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