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Monday, May 19, 2014

Musical Saturation...

My weekend was filled with incredible music as per usual.  Positively saturated, in fact.  And some of my favorites as well.  This is how I like things to be.  This is a blog in which I plug those amazing musicians, some of them good friends of mine.

Saturday afternoon began like any other Saturday.  I was leaving yoga when I noticed a text from Lacy, saying that her neighborhood bar in Ditmas Park was having a 1 year anniversary party with BBQ and music all afternoon long and that I should come.  I returned the text and, on a whim since the Q train was the first to arrive as I stepped onto the platform at Canal Street, I decided to just go straight there, yoga mat bag and all (Lacy didn't see my text and called me a ninja because I just appeared there in less than an hour since she had texted me).  The music was varied and of good quality, some Rockabilly, some Bluegrass-y stuff and it was good catching up with Lacy.  The BBQ was damned good, too and the ciders cheap.   So commenced the day drinking.  I even ran into a friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in ages.  Got to meet some new friends too.

But I was headed out around 6:30 or so because I needed to touch down at home before heading to The Way Station to catch Dahlia's band DecaDence.  These guys rock my face off, consistently.  I've come to see them about five times now and it just gets better.  Their songs are reggae influenced with some French lyrics and accordion and ukulele and lots of dancing.  All of them world class musicians and great guys.  Too bad, I was feeling a little bummed because I had no one to dance with, as I had arrived solo, and the place was full of couples (even a bride and groom that had just gotten hitched).  But seriously though, if you have a chance to check these guys out, take it.  They're currently playing every Monday night at District 12 up in Inwood plus a handful of other shows including The Way Station again on June 21st.

I ditched the scene a little early because I had to work at TruTV in the morning on Sunday and also had to meet up with that filmmaker whose film I'll be scoring.  After work Sunday afternoon, I met Ben at one of my favorite gluten free restaurants in the city, Hu Kitchen, and we spotted the whole film.  Talked about which cues should go where and how the music should be in general.  This is always a fun phase, pulling the film apart and discussing characters and their motives and how the scenes are edited, etc.  Next I sit down and watch the film a few times and then start riffing musical ideas.  The film, "True Love," is a 20 minute short about two brothers, the older of whom is trying to get a hooker for his brother so he can have his first time.  It's a quirky comedy disguised as a drama, so there'll be some tongue-in-cheek humor in the music.  Really excited to get working on this.

After our meeting I took the train back to the Slope, swung by and picked up a few things at the co-op and went home to cook dinner.  I had been texting with my friend Crystal, whose band is in town to play a few shows (that I'll unfortunately miss).  She needed a place for just her to stay so she's crashing here for a few days (currently passed out on the air mattress).  I was psyched because we actually got to hang out for a change.  Usually I just go see the show and then they have to head on to the next town.  She and I have been friends since undergraduate days and she's an incredible musician.   If you're not doing anything on Tuesday night I strongly suggest you go to Goodbye Blue Monday and check her and her band out.  Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands.   I'll give you one of my favorite descriptions of her music that I've heard elsewhere, probably in a review: "A Kaleidophrenic Cabaret." She plays, among other things, accordion, keys and musical saw.  Go see her dammit!  

I met her and the band at Superfine in Dumbo yesterday evening where they were watching a bluegrass band, (cannot remember the name of them now) and stole Crystal away to head into Manhattan because a mutual friend of ours from Greensboro named Caitlin Watkins was playing at Bowery Electric.  Caitlin is writing some amazing folk rock and just gets better every time I see her perform.  The last time was at a singer-songwriter round at Jalopy in Red Hook and I remember just being pulled inside the songs she was singing.  On the edge of my seat, feeling every emotion in the songs.  Last night was no different. Her voice does some incredible things and she reminds me a tiny bit of Ingrid Michaelson.   Last night she had a banjo player, Bennet Sullivan, with her who was pretty incredible and complimented her songs nicely.  Also a Greensboro native.  You should also see her and Bennet if you get the chance.

When the set was finished we hung out for a little longer (Bowery Electric has a card minimum of $10 and my wine was $9...I really hate drinking in Manhattan sometimes), and then went over to Barbes where the rest of Crystal's band was hanging out on my recommendation.  They also are interested in playing there so I'm going to try and help out with that as much as I can.

Who was playing at Barbes? Who else?  Stephane f*cking Wrembel.  As usual Stephane and has band tore it up.  They had a guest guitarist and violinist playing as well.  The violinist even did some vocal improvisation that just blew me away.  Great way to end the night.  Great way to end the weekend.

So, another weekend full of music under my belt and now I gotta get back to work...in more ways than one.  I have a film to score now.

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