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Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's the weekend and I'm off work.  Yes, I know.  I've mentioned that.  But leaving work last night knowing that I was off for the whole weekend, I breathed this huge sigh of relief.  And knowing that I was headed out to see a show, I was able to shrug off what felt like a cold coming on and power through, running on pure adrenaline and excitement.

The show was a band called Minor Arcana, two of the members being guys that played with us in Philly.  The venue, The Acheron, was in deepest darkest East Williamsburg at a little hole called The Acheron.  The front of it was a bar and the venue was separated so Lacy and I, not knowing that the venue had a bar too, got two drinks and stood there, realizing that we couldn't bring the glasses in the venue.  While standing there finishing our drinks, I took in the scene, assuming that the loud hardcore punk rock was being pumped in from the opening band playing next door inside the venue.  So, I was expecting the same style from this band and overall the venue was seeming far more punk rock that it actually is. When we finally went in there though, I realized there wasn't even anyone playing yet and Minor Arcana was setting up.  I went and said hi to the guys (Ross, I had seen outside already) and ordered another drink. 

The band started not long after and I was blown away by their sound.  They have two guitars, a bassist, drummer, singing keyboardist and another backup vocalist who played chimes, percussion and keys.  The stage was not all that big either.  They were very prog rock with multiple time signature and tempo changes during the songs, the first one of which was an instrumental.  Or at least had a very long instrumental intro.  Ross and Tony who played with us in Philly (Tony also in NYC), are very talented musicians but the rest of the band blew me away and they were all pretty tight as well. 

Though, I was increasingly tired and didn't even think I should be out, I was eating it up listening to the sound waves pounding around in there and it baffles me to think sometimes how incredible it is, not only that beings like us evolved out of the soup over millions of years to become the kind of creatures that can make sense of the way the air moves around a room influenced by the striking and plucking of things called instruments, but that we can manipulate that plucking and striking into something so amazingly beautiful that you just stop and forget everything for a minute but what you're hearing, what you're brain is interpreting into something that to someone without the benefit of working ear drums is basically just air molecules bouncing off each other in patterns that he or she may or may not feel.   Pretty incredible. 

And I don't recall if I mentioned this or not but one of my New Year's Resolutions this year, one that I'm absolutely killing, is to go to more shows.  If I include dance, open mics and shows I've played in in that, the number is up to something like 20.  Told ya.  Killin' it.  Some of those were our own open mics where I saw some amazing musicians, some were shows I caught part of at Barbes.  I included the four shows Lacy and I have played (including today's show at National Underground and last week's showcase) and a dance festival I went to as well as a few friends' bands and last nights show in Williamsburg.  Oh and I just upped the number to 20 before I finish this blog because I forgot about a random show I happened upon at Spike Hill one night a few weeks ago.    

As for today's show at National Underground, it went fairly well and we had an okay turnout considering the snow and how short notice it was that we found out we were playing.  We will have another one at this showcase on the 27th of April as well.  I will be reminding you. :)

For now, I am at home finally just taking it easy.  Because my body is telling me that I haven't been doing enough of that lately.  And it feels good to just slow down too.  I have spent the last few months (probably more than that), thinking I'm not doing enough when in actual fact I've been doing far too much.  Haha!  I mean, I got 10 voice over gigs in as many months, two film scores back to back last year, and scored a licensing contract with a company that licenses music for film and TV.  And on top of that, I just landed not one but two freelance TV gigs on top of NY1.  I'm going to be glad I took it easy this weekend in a few weeks when I start I'm sure.  Thankfully, I have a vacation coming up in April around my birthday. 

Anyway, I should rest up some more.  More excitement ahead!

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