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Monday, August 20, 2012

Of raining and pouring, both literally and figuratively...

There's a sweet tang of autumn in the air tonight.  Good.  I was getting sick of August in the city.  Windows open.  Relaxed.  Home from work.  And as usual, lots to report. 

Lacy and I rehearsed with a drummer friend of mine from work last Wednesday.  We rented out space in one of these places and spent a thundery afternoon hammering out jams in their South Park Slope location, a dingy building behind a row of houses on 23rd street within spitting distance of my old abode (yes, the mushroom palace).  I brought my laptop and my Behringer FCB1010 and was able to plug up to the amplifier they had there.  Brad, drummer extraordinaire, brought a few parts of his kit and supplemented the Pearl kit already present in the room, while Lacy plugged up her laptop and mic to the house PA. 

As the rain and hail beat on the roof of the building (thankfully having waited for us to unload the equipment from the car), we tried out a few of Lacy's songs, at first fighting with Lacy's audio interface and the PA mixer trying to sort out why everything was so quiet, ultimately scrapping it to jam without any of the backing tracks for a few of her songs. 

It was a great time all around and I got to mess around and jam with some improvised loop ideas on my pedal, while Brad played along and Lacy did some vocalizing.  Composing like that is so much fun.  Lay down a rhythm, loop, play some lead guitar, come up with a second guitar part, loop that, repeat ad infinitum. 

So we're talking about renting a space monthly so we can store some things there, Brad his drums and me an amp and some other things.  So, this side project of mine can finally take off and Lacy and I can start playing with a full band eventually.  Rock Rock Rockity flippin' Rock.  I can't wait.  Seriously. 

Beyond that, I've been busy as a bee and so has my website apparently.  While I'm wrapping up work on the Samurai film score (sounding awesome, BTW), I get an email from someone who's found my work in a Google search for NYC based composers and is looking for a composer for a feature length doc to air on a certain TV station.  Apparently, my website is doing its job and Google is doing its.  I'll say not much more about it so as not to jinx myself, but if you want details send me a private message, etc.

On the same day, I booked a gig voicing an ad for the very same dating site I quit a while back after having no luck, just bad dates and lots of good stories.  So, that put me through the roof.  It's a national TV and internet spot too.  I was thrilled.  I'll be sure to let you all know when/where to look for it. 

Not even a week later, I got contacted by someone else with a documentary in need of music (this one a short), who was referred by a good friend of mine.  So fingers crossed for either of those.  Things are looking ever positive.   

Meanwhile, I've got some fun on the horizon.  Going back to the McKittrick Hotel tomorrow, not for the show but to check out their rooftop garden.  My girlfriend and I are going to get dressed up in period garb for it (yes, I just mentioned having a girlfriend in my blog, which I almost never do).  1940s-ish.  Fitting one should think, as the show is basically a big 1940s film noir orgy based on the Scottish Play.   

I'll have lots to say about that soon.  For now, I must get to sleep for however will I get all this work done tomorrow if I don't sleep? 

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  1. Plenty of rain here in Raleigh yesterday. We missed it though, as we were on our way to Boone where the rain ended early and we actually got a bike ride in on the Boone Greenway. Saw Paul and Rosie too and did a little tenant task.