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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Many projects...

Pushing forward on the film score, parsing out tiny problems in the mix and zeroing in on a few final tweaks tonight.  I may be recording a cello part to replace the sampled one in a few days time.  A good friend will be helping with that.  And with any luck I'll be doing a final mix in the next week or so.  I also still have to compose something for the end credits.  Luckily I have a lot of material to draw from for that.

I just met with Mohammad today too about music for the next scene from "The Life."  We're thinking of either composing a tune for this windup ballerina doll that figures prominently in the scene, or at the very least sampling the sounds it makes and weaving that into the score for the scene.  He came by today and brought the ballerina doll and we recorded a bit of it.  Tomorrow I'll work on sampling the sounds and seeing what I can come up with against the music.  I have a few melodies written but we came to the thought that it might be better to use the melody the doll already plays when you wind it and just use the samples as a part of the palette of sounds for the score.  I won't say much more about the plot of the scene so as not to spoil, but I will say that I saw some of the edited footage from the shoot last Sunday and man, it looks good!

Psyched about that.  And psyched to have so much work coming in these days and from a diverse array of projects.  I've still got to finish the music for Steve's reel and when things come to a close after all this I have some other stuff lined up.  My own compositions.  Time to start composing again.  And now that I've gotten my brain wrapped around the use of my MIDI pedal and Mobius, I'm going to be working with loops and potentially starting a band, finally.  Just a little teaser there.

Meanwhile, been thinking about this lately, how Earth has an asteroid following it an almost 1:1 orbital resonance.  Mainly because I was watching "Another Earth" tonight and I got thinking about the physics of what would happen if another Earth actually did appear in our sky as close as the other Earth in this story does.  Tidal havoc from the planet's gravity.  I guess it'd be easier to suspend my disbelief if I didn't watch so many astronomy docs.  

Anyway, I enjoyed the music for this film immensely.   I'm always listening to the music in films of course.  Funny enough, its instrumentation was similar to what I'm using for the current film score I'm working on, piano, cello and electronics.  The synth sounds in this film are nothing like the palette of sounds I'm using though.  There are a lot of very nice moments in the film where the music, which had been subtle before, comes into the foreground.  It's very effective, in fact.  Anyway, it's worth seeing, though a little slow at times.

That said, I should get back to work. Or sleep.  One or the other.  Eventually both.

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