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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Buses, again...

Weekend #1 of bus rides to far off destinations.  I'm heading to Boston now for the show at the Lily Pad in Cambridge.  At this moment Tania is on a Fung Wah bus heading to South Station as well where we will likely rendez-vous.  Next weekend I have to take the BM1 express bus to Mill Basin for my co-worker Madeline's wedding.  The following weekend I'm visiting my sister in Virginia so I have to take another Bolt bus to DC.

I'm going to hate buses by the time this is over.  Even free wifi is not so much a benefit as it is just a temptation to take advantage of it and thereby give myself mild motion sickness from trying to focus on my screen while the bus bounces around on the Cross Bronx Expressway.  In other words, this bus ride can't end fast enough.  Boston here I come.

Anyway, I guess I'm just glad I'm on the bus and pointed in the right direction and actually moving at a pretty good clip.  The MTA decided it would be a good weekend to make the R train skip my stop so I had to take it in the other direction to the next express stop and double back.  I still got to midtown a half hour early and got accosted by a bum who was asking for donations for some "get people off the street" charity.  He was offering copies of the Onion as incentives to donate.  I said what the hell and gave him a buck.  Now I have a copy of the Onion that I may try to read until that as well gives me motion sickness.  I thought about telling that guy he should get into voice over.  He had a great speaking voice and spoke incredibly fast and articulately.  Kind of makes me think of the youtube sensation voice over bum that was so famous last year for his gift.

I didn't dispense any such advice however.  It's a hard road trying to get into voice over.  And I'm sure it's hard enough getting off the street.

But I digress.  I'm excited about tonight's concert.  I have a new keyboard gig bag that fits all of my stuff so the only thing I have to sling over my shoulder that's so heavy is my laptop.  So getting there is going to be less of a hassle.  The venue, I know almost nothing about.  I looked at a few pics on Yelp last night.  And I also just found out yesterday that Tania wants me to turn pages for one of her pieces.   So, I guess I'm going to be on stage a little longer than I originally thought.  I'm probably going to blog again on the bus ride tomorrow to let you all know how it went.  But for now, I can hardly bear to keep typing on this while the bus is in motion.

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