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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap day...

Been thinking a lot about the UNCG/Greensboro - Brooklyn Connection lately.  This past weekend, I saw an old Greensboro friend on the subway platform at Jay Street-Metro Tech.  Because I wasn't expecting her to be in that spot at that time, I second guessed a few times whether or not it was her but meanwhile, she and her friend kept on walking down the platform toward the stairs to the A train platform.  She was gone but I couldn't shake my curiosity so I emailed her on Facebook and asked her if she was in my city or if I was crazy.  She was.  And texted me almost immediately.  She was going to be in Park Slope the following evening watching her friends' band play at the Tea Lounge.  So I got there a little early and hung around watching the first band play.  When she arrived, her friend's band was getting set up and she mentioned going to high school with them.  When she pointed toward the stage I looked up and realized that I had gone to college with these guys, hadn't seen them in about 10 years and had no idea they had been living in my city for the past 5.  So it was a great reunion.  The band Runaway Dorothy has been doing quite well for themselves.  Check them out.

In addition, to running into all those Greensboro friends, I had coffee with an old friend today from the UNCG days (Masters degree days around 2005), a fellow musician friend I met while I was still working at Tate Street Coffeehouse.  Caitlin recently moved to Brooklyn and we've been trying to catch up for a few months now.  The East Village and Mud Coffee on E 9th Street is usually my go to spot to meet people who are new to the city, as it was one of the first good coffee shops that I went to when I first moved here and it quickly became one of my favorite spots in the E. Village.  Strangely, Caitlin had walked past Mud a few days ago and wanted to go there but didn't get the chance.   Now Mud has a new fan.

We have a great story of how we met, involving me helping her break into her mother's car because she locked her keys inside, while I was supposed to be closing Tate Street Coffee.  She came in asking if we happened to have a coat hanger and then when we produced one, she admitted that neither her or her friend knew how to jimmy a lock with one.  So, I assisted as best as I could, joined shortly after by two younger guys who were trying to help as best as they could.  When they got desperate and started trying to open the trunk with a pocket knife though, I realized I'd better do something quick.  The car, a late 90's model Chrysler Sebring convertible, had its front door handle on the inside on the top of the door, so I grabbed a sturdy branch off a nearby tree and slid it in between the roof and the driver's side window, wedging it under the door handle, opening the door from the inside.  Having saved the night, Caitlin was able to get home without her parents knowing she had the car (at least I hope).  She was 16 at the time.

Anyhow, this was about the only thing that went to plan today besides getting the bass and guitar tracks for Steve's music recorded in the morning.  At 8 am, I got a call from my boss to cover the overnight tonight and tomorrow, which means overtime pay and overnight premium, but which also means lack of sleep.  I ended up having to cancel plans with another friend at night, cancel my volunteer session at Learning Ally and rearrange my afternoon so I could pull off a mini rock star nap (2 hours, not bad).

Luckily, I have work I can do here on the overnight, music work.  It's adding a few more hours of wakefulness and productivity so, in a way, it's a bonus.  With that said, I think the next thing I'm going to work on is the music for Steve's promo and then, possibly, a new newsletter…it's about that time.

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