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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's been an exceptionally foggy day here in Brooklyn.  First day of Spring...go figure.  I've been quite happy with the weather as of late though.  It's turned, almost with the calendar, warmer and sunnier.  Jackets and shoes I haven't worn in months are out of the closet and I even had on short sleeves last night.  I went on a date to Barbès to see Slavic Soul Party last night.  (These guys are pretty amazing live and this was not the first time I'd had the pleasure of seeing them).  I love that I can walk only 10 blocks up from my apartment and be at a world class music venue with a great atmosphere.  In fact, harping on the benefits of my location again, on the walk up there alone, there are some five awesome looking restaurants/bars/cafes that I am really intrigued by and totally want to try. 

All in time.  April is going to be a very busy month.  In this week alone I've been offered two film scoring gigs, both of which have deadlines at the end of April.  It's truly feast or famine, it seems.  But I'm so psyched to be a part of both of these projects.  The first is a 90 minute documentary about trailblazing nuns that were arrested for their humanitarian work.  The second is a short drama about a future where everyone has the internet constantly streamed into their brains.  Two very different projects that will require very different scores. 

Meanwhile, I'm still writing the underscore for "The Life," a dramatic series about the sex trafficking problem in NY.  That's a fun project too.  I'm realizing that it's been a while since I've gotten to do some basic underscoring.  All the processes behind that are fun; figuring out specific hit points, how to stay out of the register of the dialogue and not overpower it, and then of course, there's the dance of trying to develop a theme in a certain amount of time, working with tempo and creating melodies (where needed) and structures that fit with the length of a scene.  It can be fun but it can be tedious as well. 

I've put the music for my cinematographer friend's promo and his narrative reel music on hold for a bit while I wait for him to get back in town and for those projects to be finished.  But that should be soon.  He's out shooting the last thing that he intends to put on his reel right now and I think he intends to finish editing the promo shortly after. 

And Lacy and I are talking about gigging soon.  So, there's no sight of famine around here for quite some time.  I absolutely have to go to sleep now.  Yoga at 8am. 

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