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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving out and a test screening...

I'm definitely moving out.  We are definitely moving out, that is.  There was some doubt in my mind because I was starting to get a little paranoid that I wouldn't be able to afford to move the piano and would most certainly have to donate it, something that has crossed my mind many a time over the last few years during which I've possessed said beast of a musical instrument.  That among other things.  I did one of those classic listing the pros and cons exercises and it did wonders to clear my head.  But the biggest thing was looking at these pictures again and realizing, of course we effing have a valid reason for wanting to get out of this place!

Messed up Kitchen

And anyway, if I were to get a subletter, the task would be convincing that person, likely a friend that I've probably already bitched to about my predicament, to live in the very apartment that has been the source of my woes. So, that's one of the cons of that situation; the extra effort of acquiring a willing subletter.

All in all, it was a fruitful exercise and by the morning, tired though I was, my head was clear.  I didn't call my landlord today though because for some reason, all the thoughts I had about what I was going to say to him had escaped my head (or buried themselves behind other synapses).  Plus, I had a test screening for Sides of the Track that I wanted to make it to before heading over to the dentist to get a damned cavity filled.  The test screening was awesome, getting the cavity filled, not so much.  But then, it's getting a cavity filled, what do you expect?

Mohammad was able to rent out the very theater that we will be screening in on Friday this afternoon so that he, I, the DP and the Executive Producer could take in the full experience, big screen, big speakers, etc. It sounds awesome!  And looks awesome!  There's nothing to compare to seeing (and hearing) your work on the big screen.  Unfortunately, the screening is by invite only and I've already chosen my +1.  They are sure to screen again soon.  But I'm psyched, you know?  It's another milestone marked but it's also a chance to network.  I haven't gotten to meet any of the other cast and crew yet and am especially looking forward to meeting certain people on the producing team.  All around it should be a good night as I have the whole evening off from work and there is a reception and after party as well.

For now, I need some sleep. The leg is feeling better, especially after another amazing yoga class with Adriana, my favorite teacher at Abhaya.  I think it should be okay for my long planned trip to the Statue of Liberty with my friend Allison.  Sure I nearly killed it this weekend hiking about 6 miles through the Adirondack mountains, but a few stairs shouldn't be a problem right?  Anyway, I'm excited because I'm finally doing this for the first time...plus, it's Allison's first time too (she, a lifelong New Yorker, too!).  So it should be a blast!  Pics are, of course, forthcoming. 

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