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Friday, October 28, 2011

I've never...

I've never found a place this fast that I like this much, yes.  But I've also never gotten settled in said place quite so fast as I have.  Maybe time is just moving faster and I've perceived it as such.  It did take a full almost a full week to get where I am now: boxes all unpacked, window treatments hung, important decisions about furniture placement made.  Hell, we even already have cable by some random fluke (I hooked up the wires when I was setting up the TV and stereo and Katrina happened to notice that our old wireless account as popping up on her laptop).  But that week seemed to breeze by.  I didn't have a long period of feeling uncomfortable and unsettled and I didn't even mind that I had no blinds on my windows for most of the week.  Maybe it's because, unlike when I lived in Sunset Park and having no blinds was a huge problem with me being on the first floor of the building and on the street side, my room was actually quite pleasant without blinds with the sun pouring in.  Never mind the fact that I barely could sleep those first few mornings due to the brightness.  Maybe it's also because I like the place that much.  It could be that simple.  I was already thousands of times more comfortable even with a maze of boxes and no internet and barely any food in the house.  

Anyway, the only thing remaining to do, at this point, is to decide where to hang pictures and take boxes out to the garbage.  But now my mind is turning toward things like how awesome it's going to be to have a comfortable living space.  Especially for my creativity.  I remember now that one of the best things about my favorite apartment and living situation (500 Mendenhall Street…the big apartment in the 110 year old Victorian house) was that I had so much more creative energy in that place.  I wrote prolifically and my concentration was unparalleled.  It's so important to have a good healthy space in which to create.  Hopefully, now that I have that again, I can harness that energy. I mean, I can't imagine it being that hard with a piano just inches from the foot of my bed.  It's going to be especially important because Tania and will be needing to get together soon to work on the new piece.  I'm not even finished fleshing it out and I have to sit down with her and practice using my software to sample the piano parts live and mangle the samples while the piece is being performed.  I also will need to use this time to figure out how to creatively use the sampled piano to advance the piece.  But that's why we're starting this in November for a concert in February.  I may need all that time, but I may only need a single recording of her performance of the first part of the piece.

How exciting to be composing again already!

Inevitably, there are a few things about the apartment (more about the building than anything really) is that we do live with a smoker downstairs…smoker of what I can't seem to figure out.  In the morning it smells like cigarettes, in the evenings something else all together.  There is also a dog but I have yet to do more than just smell the animal in the halls.  Oh, and also to contend with the minefield of poop in the backyard where I lock my bike.  But these are things that register barely if at all with me in light of recent indoor fungal growth and difficult landlords.  My own new landlord, when faced with a leak in the apartments below us, called a plumber immediately and scheduled him for the next week.  We were only in the apartment without a shower until around Wednesday.  A tiny inconvenience when you factor in what we had been experiencing.

With all that having been said, I can't get enough of this new place and how amazing it is.  And I don't think my opinion is too terribly influenced by the previous situation by comparison.

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