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Monday, September 19, 2011

Time management...

A lesson in time management today, I think.  Wanna know how much I got done today and I've only been up since 2pm?  A lot.  And it's not just how much but the manner in which everything timed out so I was able to several things at the same time and was able to leave the apartment a little early and, once again, get some time to work in my "office."  You wouldn't believe how quiet it is back here.  Well, I mean, I'm playing music on the laptop as I work.  What I'm really talking about when I say quiet is lack of outside distractions.  No one is likely to come back here at this hour of the night.  Not even sure anyone has any idea I'm back here.

I digress.  I woke up at 2pm as I said, and managed to get in an episode or two of whatever was on my DVR while eating my breakfast.  Made some tea to go, had time for a stroll to 4th Avenue/9th Street to take the F directly to yoga, instead of connecting from the R train.  Managed to scope out a restaurant that I'm planning on having brunch at in DUMBO on Sunday with a friend who's visiting and even wandered over to the waterfront to check out Jane's Carousel, which is now open and operational.  All this before even laying out my yoga mat at Abhaya.

After yoga, I scampered back to the apartment, put in two loads of laundry and got right to work recording some scripts for Edge Studio's weekly contest.  Finished that in just the right amount of time that my laundry was ready to be moved.  Plus, since I made enough dinner yesterday (planning ahead here), I was able to heat up leftovers and do a little job hunting/resume updating while simultaneously watching an episode of Good Eats (the Alton Crown affair where he shows how to make a crown roast with a rack of lamb).  Then, I put together a lunch while simultaneously washing dishes and finished in time to make it down to the laundromat slightly before my load was done in the dryer.  Folded laundry and managed to input the main melodic idea for the choral piece into Sibelius on my laptop so I could work on it tonight, all with enough time to swing by the food co-op to pick up some things that my lunch was lacking.

Got here at around 10pm and was able to apply to a job on Mandy.com, join voiceregistry.voicebank.net (which I was reading about earlier this afternoon in one of my emails from Edge Studio this afternoon) and do even more job hunting.  And now I have about 15 minutes left to mess around on the internet and type this blog.

Sigh.  Notice that I even worked in leisure time during the day. Time for walks and yoga.  Keeps me sane.


  1. Cool Blog! I am a real amatuer film composer but I dream of doing something like yourself one day.

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