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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blurb #26

We're moving out.  We decided this Friday night.  I came home with the letter drafted and planned on showing Katrina but before I could get through the finer points of what it said as far as our terms, she says, "I think we should just move out."  I was actually pretty excited having thought I would need to do some convincing.  I guess mushrooms in your ceiling are about as convincing as things can get.  I guess that's one thing that's turned out the way I had hoped this week!  That and I heard finally that the Celiac Disease study payment is on its way!

Anyway, I redrafted the letter and Katrina and I spent the rest of the evening on our laptops scouring padmapper.com and our other resources just to get started with the apartment hunt and discussion about our preferences this time around...which include no slumlords.  Anyway, more chronicles of the third New York City move will certainly be forthcoming.  For now, I'm off to the DUMBO Arts Festival with my friend who's visiting from Chicago.  We're headed to brunch at Superfine in DUMBO first.  See ya!

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