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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music for sale!!!!!!!!

Good evening. Barreling into my third year in New York and remembering something someone said to me when I was just shy of three months in the city. "It takes you three years to get set up here, that's generally the rule." I'm feeling like I may live up to that some days.

This comes as I'm right on the edge of really starting to market my voice over career (waiting on that shining new website and all the fancy integration of my entire web presence that is coming soon, complete with a new blog containing audio and software tutorials and product reviews). And, in addition, I'm finally getting closer to making the live electronic music project a reality. By closer I mean that I'm getting to a point where I've defined in which direction(s) I'm going to go with it, how the new stuff is going to sound/be performed and what I'm going to do with the old stuff. So, I decided to release three of my best out of the old songs under the title "Disrupt," an album title I've thrown around for years and under my own name as opposed to any of the silly monikers I had similarly thrown around during those early years. The tracks are Pastel, Daresay and Windy April, all written from about 2002 to 2004. The album is now available on Indabamusic.com and will be soon on iTunes. I'm embedding the store everywhere I can, including here:

Also, it's on Myspace and as soon as I figure out how to do it, it will be on Facebook. It's of course, eventually going to go on my main webpage as soon as that's up as well.

That having been said, I got really psyched about the live project (which it will be hereafter referred to as) last night as I was in Greenpoint at a club called Europa watching a trio of bands that I had only recently heard of. My friend Stephanie told me about two of them and invited me along to catch the show. Deerhoof was the headliner and opening were two groups: Buke and Gass (pronounced Byook and Gase) and Ben Butler and Mousepad. Buke and Gass was a duo that had modified instruments, one a guitar that had been turned part bass guitar and the other a baritone ukulele that had been turned into a guitar. Their style was therefore already pretty unique for that. I enjoyed their music the most, I think; it was both melodic and gritty and the singer's voice and vocal melodies were hauntingly beautiful. But I was surprised at how much I liked Deerhoof. Listening to their music on Grooveshark didn't excite me nearly as much as their live show which was high energy. A quartet of two guitarists, a drummer and a very short Japanese woman singing and playing bass, they commanded the stage for almost two hours. Ben Butler and Mousepad was a duo of drummer and keyboardist (the guy had a Korg sequencer keyboard that I've only seen one other time when I was graduate school at UNCG, hooked into a Mac laptop and was playing loops and wailing on the synth simultaneously). The laptop guy was Scottish and the drummer German, and both were charismatic and funny. Their performance was pretty awesome and quite high energy for two skinny guys from Europe. I haven't had as much fun in quite a while seeing a show and the whole experience got me psyched again even more for getting out and playing again. Here are some pics from the evening:

Deerhoof in Greenpoint

I apologize in advance for the suckiness of my phone camera.

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