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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blurb #23

It was 60 F outside earlier today. I had two of my windows open during the afternoon. Hopefully, this is a sign that there's not much more of this winter left. Meanwhile, huge mountains of snow have condensed into concentrated piles of mud, speckled with debris and litter from two months ago. It's a little disgusting.

To report: the batch of kombucha I'm drinking actually tastes pretty good (yes, I'm still brewing), Lacy came by and we worked on some music yesterday, I'm still editing Collapsing Elbows for Tania to perform and the choral piece for the Unitarian church is coming along as well. I'm most excited about working with Lacy, as it's going to get me performing again, possibly sooner than I had expected. Also, it's prodding me to just go ahead and acquire the equipment I'll need, which includes the Mac Book, and also the new audio interface and headphones I just got delivered to work. If only, I wasn't going right to bed or you can bet I'd be installing all of that stuff and trying out the headphones. For now, though, I sleep. It will have to wait for the weekend.

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