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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching up with all of my photography-ing...

So, here it goes a marathon picture album posting. First, last week in North Carolina, I caught a glimpse of what it used to be like whenever it snowed when I still lived in NC...snow, then three days later a crust of ice. I described it to a friend who lives here as crispy. I almost fell getting out of the car once last week too because I forgot that ice was slippery.

Snow in Raleigh

Moving on, around Wednesday we headed to Boone, stopping once in Greensboro to see old friends at the place where most of my old friends inevitably would still be. Tate Street Coffee House, my old hangout and one time place of employment...which has done quite well for itself in the past year, adding wine and beer to the menu, renovating a little bit, adding the capability of accepting credit cards as well as adding all manner of social events to it's calendar, including more jazz, movie and scrabble nights. Pretty cool. We also swung past the Woolworth on Elm St. which has finally been reopened as a Civil Rights Museum.

Greensboro February Best

It's always cool to revisit places you've moved away from and see them growing and changing but in some ways staying the same. That Civil Rights museum has been about to open for about as long as I can remember and longer.

We arrived in Boone around 1:00pm and met Paul in town at the Earth Fare grocery store where we had lunch and then headed to Peabody's wine and beer to pick up some booze for the evening's dinner plans. Then we headed to Paul's new house that he bought a few months ago. Which is great, minus the steep gravel driveway which proved a bit of a challenge in the snow and ice. There's a stream out back and several acres on which to roam. Here's some pictures of the place, the dog Misha, our jam session and our trip to Boone for breakfast at probably the best restaurant in Boone (that I know of), Melanie's.

Boone, Paul's House February Best

And lastly, these are some photos I snapped this morning of the "blizzard" in Prospect Park. Watch for the 8' snowman and the yellow snow!

Prospect Park Snow February Best

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