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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens...

It's mildly ironic that my last post began with the fact that I can't seem to sleep past 8:30am because this morning I did just that...in a big way. So maybe mildly is not the word I'm looking for.

I had an exhausting but fun day yesterday. I had been planning on trying to catch up with my friend Rachel who is visiting town this week. She called me while I was at Target picking up a new computer mouse (mine shit the bed on me) and we agreed on lunch in Park Slope and that we'd meet at Grand Army Plaza like we had tried to do the day before. I got there first and read for a bit and then, when she arrived we walked down Union Street to 7th avenue and stopped at Tea Lounge for a slight caffeine buzz. Afterward, we pushed onward to 5th avenue and landed at a Mexican place called Mezcals which was awesome.

Then, we walked back to Grand Army Plaza, stepped into Prospect Park for a hot second and then decided we should hit the Botanical Gardens. Great choice. They were pretty awesome. I wish you could smell these pictures and climb in the trees we climbed in.

Botanical Gardens best

I felt like it was the most in touch with nature I've been since I've come here. Mainly because of the huge diversity of plants here that you won't find romping around Central or Prospect Park.

After the Botanical Gardens we split up so she could meet another friend and I went and grabbed some groceries at Trader Joe's.

I was to meet a friend in the West Village later who was going to play a piece of mine for me. I just finished a piano sketch that I've been working on for a little while and had him look over it. The place where we were meeting was his friend's house and the situation was a bit odd. The guy who owns the place is in his 80s and has given a lot of money to the Juilliard and is fond of helping students and musicians out so he let's Brad, my friend, come over and use the house while he's not there to practice on his baby grand Steinway. Sweet deal for us.

Anyway, this gentleman is in the process of moving out of his West Village house so the place is in shambles and there are people, mostly movers, some family, in and out of the place. However, we didn't really expect anyone to be there at that hour. So, when we came in through the basement and heard voices upstairs we decided to split and grab a beer somewhere.

We wound up going to a place called the Village Tavern. Seemed a bit straight for the village with it's sports bar atmosphere and preppy collared shirts but they played a lot of early 90's music so we had a good time.

After a few beers we decided to go back and check the situation at this gentleman's house. There was still someone there but we had agreed to explain the situation to him. He was on the phone and didn't seem to care what we did but we weren't exactly about to start banging on the piano with him sitting there chatting on the phone. So we ultimately decided to take our beers and go down to the riverside, that same park I photographed the other night with all the strange sculptures. I didn't end up getting home until about 2:30am. Stupid R train.

So that's why this morning I slept until almost noon. But luckily, my friend Shannon, whom I was going to hang out with today, did the same thing. She's in town to see her boyfriend's band play, the Urban Sophisticates...who, strangely, I know from UNCG. Small world. More on our escapades today in a bit. To be continued...

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