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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I never thought I'd let almost a month go by without blogging but I'm starting to realize this week that it's not simply because I'm busy.  This was a blog I started about being a composer in the city and lately it's just been about being in the city.  I've had a lot of opportunities and a lot of interesting things happening lately but at the moment almost none of those things have anything to do with composing.

Don't get me wrong.  This stint at CNN and the subsequent one at TruTV and even my ongoing voice over career which finally seems to be ramping up a bit, are a huge boon to me.  But it brings to the forefront that ever present struggle to balance time and money.  I need money to survive here but I lose time to create when I work 64 hours a week.

I've been fascinated by and immensely appreciative of this turn of events since April, the serendipity of it all.  And I have been loving having the cash buffer and the peace of mind that I'm paying things off left and right.  But I certainly have missed working on music and creating.  The last time I had a creative project of my own, it wasn't even technically my own. I was remixing someone else's work for a contest...one in which I was up against some seasoned professionals and had no real chance of winning.  And before that I was remixing my old stuff.  Hence not really writing anything new.  Heck, I don't even have time these days to sit down with my guitar software and tweak my sound for Lacy's shows.  I will say that over the last few months I have randomly come up with guitar looping ideas but none of those has crystallized past the precursory jam sessions I have with myself.  In other words, I haven't recorded any of them.

But, there is a change coming.  The work at CNN will dry up in a few weeks, at which point I will be able to pick up almost immediately working at TruTV.  They have an ongoing project that they've trained me for that I'll be coming in to push forward on.  I've decided that when I do start scheduling my hours with them, I won't fill my schedule to the brim like I did with CNN.  This way, I can allot more time to creative endeavors and things like laundry and cooking.  I also just renewed my subscription to Voice123.com and will be needing time to audition.  Maybe I'll start dating again.

On top of all of this, though I complain I haven't had any musical projects to excite and inspire me lately, I do have at least one project on the horizon.  "The Life."  They're done shooting and about to start editing the pilot any day now. I'll being seeing one of the producers in about a half hour here at NY1 when he gets in and we'll have a half hour or so to chat.  Things are looking good there.

And I know I said "at least one" but, I'm not going to say much more about any other ones right now.  Too soon.  Too soon.  With that, I think I'm going to end this brief entry.   And I'll keep updating as I transition here in a few weeks and as I start to have more time for music.

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