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Thursday, February 23, 2012

God of Loop...

I got it working!  Yes, I was up until 2 am struggling with the damn thing and then spent most of my morning and half my afternoon on it.  But, finally, I got it somewhat cooperating with my software.  The trick?  And this is going to make no sense to anyone not in the know with MIDI; Control Change messages and not Program Change messages…at least, I think.  That's the way it goes.  The only thing that remains to be fixed now is that for some reason, with certain functions, like looping and stopping the record, I have to hit the pedal twice to make anything happen.  Or I should say, every other time I hit the pedal, nothing happens.

So that's a bit frustrating but I was looping by the time Lacy called to say she was here.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, now that everything is somewhat working, I'll get down the practice of actually doing it and will be a veritable God of Loop in no time.  Here's what I was working on when she showed up:

There are 6 layers of guitars in there.

All in a day's work.  Oh, and Tuesday night I bought a bass guitar off someone from craigslist.org.  $75 for a Fender Squier bass that looked like it had fallen off a bridge or something, and I didn't even think to plug it in and test it before buying it.  But luckily, it works.  I tried it immediately when I got home.  Whew.  It's black with a white pick guard and has a nice low action on it.  The strings will need to be changed.

Anyway, not much else to tell at the moment, except that I also had a good coaching session on Tuesday night.  I should get going. King of time management here, I still have to get dressed and pack up my lunch/dinners.

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