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Saturday, November 26, 2011


New York City landlords, 0.  Tim and Katrina, 1.

I didn't think that the post office operated the day after Thanksgiving but there was a stack of letters in the mailbox last night when I got home from rehearsing with Tania.  Through the window of one envelope, I saw both mine and Katrina's names, then the apartment number of my old apartment next to the words MEMO.   Knowing what it was right away, I started to do a little dance in the hallway and exclaim my disbelief out loud, trying to be as quiet as possible, being it 1 in the morning at this point.

Dropping all of my stuff unceremoniously once inside the door to my apartment, I ripped open the envelope to see a check for the entire amount of our security deposit!  Upon closer inspection I realized that the check was dated the 17th of November, before I sent the letter the second time.  Even closer inspection revealed that the street number of my landlord's address was actually one number off from what I recall putting on both copies of the letter that I sent.  This explains why the first one bounced back.  I remember now that I actually called him shortly after I figured that first letter should have arrived (even though I hadn't seen the receipt saying he'd signed for it).  I ended up leaving a message but whatever I said in that message must have prompted them to finally send it along.  I didn't even need to send the letter the second time and it doesn't matter now anyway, because it's most certainly going to bounce back again.

In a way, I'm slightly disappointed that he didn't get to read the masterpiece I crafted with the help of my loyal editors (thanks mom and Josee!).  But I'm in no way disappointed that the money is now in our possession.  In fact, some combination of floored, ecstatic, incredulous and relieved might come closer to encapsulating the feeling I had upon receiving it.

That having been said, go us.  Now, I can really say that we landed on our feet.  Moving right along, I rehearsed Moon, Tides, Cycles with Tania last night in Queens.   It went pretty well, considering I didn't have my score with me.  Everything in the Mainstage template worked as before, with me barely having to do anything with regards to setup.  I'm thinking about adding some more things to it, like a control for some delay effects on the ring modulation and perhaps a filter sweep for the Absynth sounds.

I already added a channel to record the whole performance which I'm surprised I didn't think to do before when we performed it at the Metropolitan Room.  It's going to be so much better to actually have control over the recording and not have to worry about whether it's going to be in stereo or whether or whether or not some guy is even going to record it and hand it over in a timely fashion.

It occurs to me now that I do have that recording of the Metropolitan Room performance but I haven't posted it yet.  Wha?  But speaking of posting, I posted new voice over demos in advance of attending the New York Voiceover Mixer next Saturday (the same night of the concert!)  So, check those out if you're interested.  I composed all the music beds for the newest demo, the documentary demo and one of the new cuts on the old narration demo which has only been re-edited a little with the addition of one new script at the end.

Anyway, I'm going to return to being giddy about the security deposit and see if I can't get some work done on the Mainstage template for next weekend's concert.  Huzzah!

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  1. cash the check before the universe changes its mind! :) (way to go, timmy!)