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Monday, July 11, 2011

Gearing up for concerts...

Some of the best moments being a composer are when you hear one of your pieces performed by someone else. It's the moment when the piece starts to live. Before, it's just an idea you've been tossing around in your head and then one day you wrote it down but until it's actually articulated, it's like it's just a theory. Then, it's suddenly an actual valid work of art just by simply having its notes plunked out in a practice room.

Tania and I went to Queens today to go through Moon, Tides, Cycles in one of the practice rooms where she teaches lessons. We really only got to go through the piece one time before I had to head back into the city for work. We were just going over certain improvised parts and interpreting some of my ridiculous notation. It was nice though to hear it realized by a performer not myself. It's also a joy to work with a performer who doesn't complain about a piece being difficult or that there's meter changes in it. (I would get this a lot in graduate school!) She shouldn't have any problem with the piece at all and we're going to get in a couple of rehearsals with the electronics and everything soon. I'm so pysched. We're getting pretty close to the date of the concert and there's still so much to work out just logistic wise. Who's going to tape it, are we going to get it recorded by the people at Metropolitan Room, how are we going to get the word out to the press etc. They're unfortunately not giving us any comp tickets at the venue and there's a freaking two drink minimum...but I hope that won't dissuade any of you from joining us. It really is going to be a unique concert.

Plus, my parents are bringing up my tuxedo for me to wear...I have no idea why I didn't have it with me before now. Guess I just didn't foresee a time when I would wear it when I left NC. There are two in existence and one is from high school while the other is from college. I had to skype with my mom so I could show her which one to bring.

Anyway, Lacy and I had a long rehearsal today and no open mic because we're preparing for the eventuality of a full 40 minute or more set. Spent the first half of the rehearsal working on the logistics of performing with our laptops and the last half doing all the acoustic stuff. Meanwhile, I'm dozing off with my guitar in my hand because for the last year and a half, every Sunday, I take a nap. So, despite getting 10 hours of sleep last night, at 4pm sharp, my body says, "Take a NAP!" The rehearsal went great though despite my lethargy but I've seriously gotta find something else to pay the bills that doesn't require me to basically give myself jet lag every week.

That having been said, I must get back to work.

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