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Friday, April 22, 2011

Return trip...

Sitting in RDU airport, Gate C14, waiting for my flight. We're delayed by about 30 minutes which I'm assuming is due to the rain. Right now, though, I'm welcoming the time to reflect and relax. I've gotten pretty efficient at airport security lines these days, taking a cue from George Clooney's character in Up in the Air and wearing slip on shoes when I travel so I can get through the most uncomfortable part of travel as quickly as possible. What's more disconcerting than having all of your personal effects strewn on a conveyor belt while you hike up your belt-less pants and waddle in your sock feet through some kind of magnetic scanner wondering if you're being randomly profiled or if you actually look sketchy on that day?

Anyway, I had a fun time this week despite the fact that I'm certain I caught some kind of head cold from my petri dish-like nephews and niece. Last night's party at my folks' place (which they don't know I was planning on having) was low key but eventful and some friends showed up that I hadn't expected to see (thanks guys!). We tried to do a cook out, which worked out pretty well. Some brought sausages, others brought veggie burgers and I cooked hot wings and made a potato salad that got wholly neglected until my sister came over this afternoon with her kids.

The other days between Boone and my departure today consisted largely of me watching my parent's television and relaxing, a little yoga here and there, punctuated by a visit to my old TV station of News 14 and some time hanging at my favorite hometown brewery, Big Boss Tavern.

Tonight, an old friend from graduate school will be coming over to stay the weekend, while I go straight back to work tomorrow morning. Not too happy about that, but a guy's gotta eat, right? I'll get some time with my friend J. Scott. In fact, tomorrow night, I'm having a birthday dinner with some friends down in the West Village at Risotteria, a favorite restaurant of mine. (one at which I need to make a reservation before I forget!).

Finishing this blog as I sit at home finally unpacked and relaxing with my feet up, I now take back that bit about the most uncomfortable part of travel being the security lines. No, in fact, sometimes it can be that period of time when you're done taxiing to the gate but they still haven't turned off the fasten seat belt sign and decided to let you off the plane. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the return trip from JFK to my apartment, this being the first time I attempted it. I've ridden to JFK to meet people before (Karishma and her parents on different occasions), but never to fly in or out myself until this trip. Finding the AirTrain on the way out of the terminal was a bit of an ordeal, with me having to slide between temporary partitions and go down narrow hallways that I wasn't sure were leading me in the right direction. Actually riding the AirTrain, I kind of enjoy.

You're high up on a causeway at some points and you can see pretty far toward the city. I found myself smiling wide in spite of myself at that first glimpse of the skyline on the horizon. It still reels me in like that, this city. It reminds me of my journey and how far I've come and brings me back to the reasons why I'm up here. Never though I'd love a city this much. But here I am.

The rest of the train ride on the A was uneventful and thankfully the R train arrived fairly quickly forhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif my last connection but I was so tired of carrying bags (and having to blow my nose every five minutes) by then. So, it's good to be home home and readjusting finally. Katrina ordered us some Thai food which miraculously arrived seconds before I walked in the door. I think the delivery guy must have teleported out of my building because I didn't even see him.

Gotta love New York City. Anyway, by the end of the weekend I plan on diving back into my work on the score for Mohammad's film. Once I've got the Oud part scored out, I'll be sitting down to record that with the musician we've brought in for that. Then, I'm going to mix electronics and some samples and come up with a segue into the actual action of the film. Should be fun. Check out my new website meantime for new tutorial blogs as often as I can muster. See you around!

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