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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blurb #21

Two blurbs in one month...Tim must be busy. I am. Just dropping in to mention the many amazing things that have happened and have been going on. First, things that are on my plate, projects, etc.: The Bulgarian piano player has agreed to premier one of my pieces on an upcoming concert probably on December 2nd, I have joined forces with a friend whose band needs some help with arrangements (more on this later), one of my newer piano sketches is being performed at church in three weeks and I'm finishing the rest of three piano sketches that were meant to be a cycle and will probably be performed together soon. Also, secondly, good news about what's been happening: I'm writing again (with some fantastic ideas regarding orchestra with electronics about which I'll not say much just yet), I keep making contacts both in VO and music and the new website will hopefully be revealed soon so I can start putting myself out there again.

For now, I just got back from voting for the first time in NYC and in NY State for that matter and I'm going to head off to yoga in a moment, sufficiently bleary eyed and not even sure why I didn't get much sleep last night...oh yeah, that's right, I work a god-awful shift that has me sleeping during the day. Oh well. Can't have everything.

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