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Monday, August 9, 2010

Blurb #18

Just a quick blurb from the road...well, technically I'm not on the road. I'm sitting in my friend Jeff's living room, up later than I've been since the night of the wedding Friday night, trying to figure out what to do with my time tomorrow. See, I haven't really planned very well this weekend. I've planned well enough but too much of it has been on the fly. That's been nice while hanging out with my friends here. It's been relaxing to just hang out and not feel like I absolutely have to be a tourist just because I'm in Boston. In fact, the only times we've left the house this weekend were to go and eat or to throw the Aerobie in the park nearby with the dog, Lola. It's been great.

Anyway, Jeff and Debbie work tomorrow so I'm on my own for getting around and killing time...which would be no problem except my bus doesn't leave until around 2pm, so I'm up currently trying to figure out whether South Station has baggage lockers. The only answers I've found are on yahoo answers or other forums so I'm not sure if I can trust them. Luckily, I did find a number to call tomorrow morning so I can find out before I leave.

Jeff and Debbie live in Medford so I gotta walk to a bus stop and then take a train from Davis Square in to the city. But that should be no problem. When I left NYC on Friday, I had to stand up with my bag on my shoulder for the whole subway ride to Grand Central Terminal. I evidently survived that. I'm not saying it'll be fun though...but, hey, I brought this on my self.

Beyond my travel woes, I must say I've had the most splendid weekend so far. Matt's wedding in Groton was quite the party. Set at a small Catholic Church in the village on a breezy August afternoon and ending at a small restaurant in a barn that served local food from the adjacent farm. Probably the most exquisite filet mignon I've had in my life. Additionally, a great 9 piece band serenaded us while we danced between courses. And as for courses, there were 7 of them. All proceeded by a cocktail hour on the porch outside.

Pictures, are below. Later in the week I head to Raleigh...my cat probably hates me right about now. Oh well, Good Night.

Matt's Wedding:

Best of Matt's Wedding

Also, included are photos I shot in Boston with my friend Mary Kate the last day after I typed this blog.

Boston August 2010

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