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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer heat...

It is now hot. I still don't feel right complaining about humid weather here when the breezes are still nice and the humidity is not nearly as bad as "good ol' Nowth Cackalacky." Still. It's hot.

I just got in from an afternoon of roaming around the city thanks to having two appointments not so evenly spaced out throughout the day. The first was a nutritionist appointment at noon in Gramercy at the NYU Medical Center, at which I got very little advice I could use and only a few answers but enough to satisfy me that I probably do have Celiac disease and I am probably not going to die from it. In fact, all those symptoms are now finally starting to be manageable.

The second was a voice over coaching appointment at Edge Studio near FIT that wasn't until 3pm. So, naturally, I had to kill some time before that and managed to grab a couple slices of gluten free pizza at Mozzarelli's on 23rd Street and eat them in Madison Square Park before strolling around for a bit in Chelsea. I love that if you have all the time in the world and it's nice enough outside you can just about walk anywhere in the city (within a single borough of course). I've had days where I've meandered from Grand Central Station all the way over to the West Side Highway and down to the West Village, or wound my way all the way down Broadway from Madison Square Park to Chinatown and not felt tired at all. Just a little foot sore.

The voice over workshops and coaching sessions are going really well. This has been my third coaching session today and I feel myself really getting the idea of how to do this job. Plus, it's feeling more and more like something that I really want to do and that I can do well. Which is exciting. I think I've even found the perfect read for me: software video tutorials, particularly music software since I use a lot of it. My coach said I was doing really well today just naturally getting the read right and following all of her directions.

So that's exciting. I just spent the last few hours trying to sort out some issues with my phone and buying new linens in downtown Brooklyn. And now, I'm in and out of the heat and liking it. About to work on some musical ideas. Not the dance piece. I'm taking a little hiatus because I sent in some of my work to her yesterday night and she like it a lot. I feel like I deserve a bit of a break.

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