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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blurb #10

A quick blurb before I head upstate to visit my aunt and uncle. Last night, instead of listening to the asshole with the Cadillac Escalade blasting his music directly outside of my apartment like he owns the block or something, I opted to meet Karishma and her friends in Prospect Park for the Celebrate Brooklyn Concert. The headliner: Kailash Kher. Great, great show. I haven't danced that much since, well Monica knows. Afterward, we walked up fifth avenue to Calexico to get some late night Mexican food and hands down the cheapest beer in Brooklyn (all beers = $3), only to be hassled by a poor 23 year old junkie who insisted on coming and sitting with us and making the whole scene a bright red shade of awkward. It's a story for another, longer blog entry. For now, I must go and make sure the cat has food and water for two days. Bye for now.

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